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Service Work Sheet
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Is your vehicle running poor or having intermittent problems?
Planning on bringing your vehicle in for service or a diagnostics check?

To save time, and help us serve you better, please take a minute to fill out this four part form.
Complete each section and then click continue. Please be sure your printer is turned on as a copy of the form will print out so you can bring it with you when you drop off your vehicle.

Customer Information
Name:  Date:     Make:     
Model:  Year:  Engine:  Mileage:  
Fault Characteristics / Symptons / Description of Problem
Starting Problems:
Will not crank. Starts, but takes a long time.
Cranks, but will not start. Won't start when engine is warmed.
Tries to start, but can't
Engine Quits - Running Problems:
Quits right after starting While idling.
When put into gear (automatics). During acceleration.
Right after vehicle comes to a stop. When parking.
During steady speed driving.
Poor Running Conditions:
Runs rough. Misfires or cuts out.
Lacks power. Surges and/or chugs.
Hesitates or stumbles on acceleration. Dieseling or run-on
Bucks and jerks. Engine light is always on.
Engine knocks, pings, rattles. Engine light is sometimes on.
Backfires Fuel, gas, or sulfur smell.
Poor fuel economy.

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