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Manufacturing Companies in Lapeer MI


The Ultimate Guide To Manufacturing Companies in Lapeer MI

If you are in the market to find a job in the Lapeer, MI area, then a good place to start would be with manufacturing companies. Lapeer has quite a manufacturing industry and a variety of specializations between automotive, parts, painting and wood manufacturers. Below you will see six of the companies that you can find out more information about and see if they have any open opportunities for you. Go take a look at this Lapeer business.

  1. Albar Industries Inc. – A supplier of molded and painted parts. Founded in 1969 by Ed May and Stan Malopolski. They currently have a 110,000 square foot facility, which was completed in 1991. In 2000, they became a Tier 1 Supplier to General Motors. Chrysler, Ford and VW added them on the Tier 1 list since that time. Some of the current projects that they are working on are:
    * Spoilers for the Dodge Avenger, Buick Verano and Ford Focus
    * Door handles for Dodge Dart, Ford Explorer and Jeep Liberty

    Looks at this moment that they have several job openings. You can contact them by phone at 810-667-0150.

  2. DT Fowler Manufacturing Inc. – This company started out as a sawmill and pallet manufacturer in 1950 and over the years transitioned into a full service packaging supplier. Some of the pallets they produce range from wood & plastic to custom ones. The boxes they produce vary from corrugated, die-cut to crates. There was no openings listed at this moment, but you can reach them at 810-245-9336 and see if they are hiring.
  4. Lapeer Industries, Inc. – A engineering, machining and fabrication company that tailors to the automotive and military sectors. Founded in 1974 by Carl W. Schreiber. Over the past 40 years they have been a industry leader providing innovation in the automotive and defense industries. According to their website, they have many job openings available.
  6. Lapeer Manufacturing Company – A flexible fixtures manufacturer that was established in 1946 to tailor to the needs of the aerospace industry. They are the original creators of toggle clamps. Toggle clamps are devices for manually clamping in areas such as construction, metal working and other areas. The company does not have any job opening listed, but you may call them at 810.664.2964 to find out if they do.
  8. P & P Manufacturing – This is a family-owned company that started by supplying machined components for air tool manufacturers, but now produces machined metal and plastics products to varying industries. If you are looking for a quality company that focuses on low-medium manufacturing output, then give them a call at (810) 667-2712 to see if they have any openings.
  10. Vidon Plastics Incorporated – Starting out of a small garage in 1987 doing trim for hospital beds, a year later, they had 35 employees and had reached $3 Million in sales. Over the years, they have continued to grow and expand. They now do all of their custom tool fabrication in house, allowing them to lower lead times and costs for tooling.
There you have it. Some great manufacturing companies in Lapeer MI that are growing and providing great products and services to a variety of industries. Take a look at each of these manufacturers and determine if one or more of them would be an opportunity to get you started in your career or to advance it.